Most Dangerous Destinations around the World

Most Dangerous Destinations around the World

Although most of us want to travel, safety should be our first priority. It does not necessarily mean that you can’t go to the countries listed as most dangerous. However, you must take extra caution when traveling to these places. Here is a list of cities where it is not safe to visit especially when you are alone.

Egypt is not safe nowadays. The Department of State in the US had issued a warning against terrorist attacks in the country. These terrorists including ISIS target public venues, government officials, civil aviations, public transports and tourist sites. Egypt can be a great place to travel especially when you want to view the pyramids. The people there are also hospitable. However, you need to be extra careful while you are there. Avoid crowded markets entirely. Egyptian men can harass tourists if their stalls are not visited. Eye contact can also be considered flirting so it’s best to wear glasses.

Peru is known for Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail but you should be very careful when you are traveling there. It has a lot of kidnappings, petty thefts, and credit card frauds. You should not display any jewelry when traveling and you should dress appropriately. You should carry only the exact amount that you think you might need on the trip and leave your cards inside the hotel. You can keep the money on a cross-body purse so that thefts will have a hard time grabbing it.

Morocco is targeted by terrorists and there’s a high crime rate inside the country. Crimes include purse snatching, pick pocketing, burglaries, and robberies especially in cities inhabited by tourists. Make sure to wear modest clothing while you are there and ignore cat callers. If you lost your way around, don’t ask young men on the streets. Instead, go to a nearby shop, or ask a police officer for directions.

Jamaica can be dangerous if you stay outside the safe borders of its resorts. In Kingston and Montego Bay, violent crimes have been reported and a lot of reports about sexual assaults have been recorded. For safety, if you are traveling with a girlfriend, be very discreet about it and you should also be careful of what you are wearing.

These are just some of the cities that are not safe to visit. Before you go to a country, you should research first about its safety, ready about tips and tricks on how you can be safer. It is always best to be accompanied with a friend or a family member when going to a trip.

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