Best Nighttime Places in Moscow, Spain, and Beijing

Best Nighttime Places in Moscow, Spain, and Beijing

You can go to a lot of places in these 3 cities during the nighttime. Included in this article are also the activities that you can do while you are there.

While in Moscow, Russia, you can discover a lot of myths and urban legends as you walk along the streets of the Red Square and St. Basil’s cathedral. Discover the revolutionary history of St. John’s hill, and get to see the street art made by Russian hipsters in Khokhlovka. You can also go ahead and discover plenty of love stories and legends in Zamoskvorechie. Moscow offers the usual bars, lounges, clubs, 24-hour shopping malls, casinos, restaurants and billiard rooms.

Spain is home to almost 25,000 people. You can drink a martini in local bars with friendly bartenders. You can also explore San Gines Chocolaterie in Madrid. It offers green couches where you can sit while sipping piping hot chocolate. Mercado de San Miguel offers its visitors a modern gastronomic experience. You can have a taste of fresh and free cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, frozen yogurts, juices, seafood, sangria, and wine. The building is flooded with natural lights and it is a short walk from Plaza Mayor in Barcelona.

If you want to explore Beijing at night, you can start with Chang’An Avenue which is regarded as the longest and widest street in the world. It will turn into a multi-colored street when the lights are turned on after sundown. You can also do a midnight shopping in Qianmen Street. It is south of the Tiananmen Square and it is considered as Beijing’s best downtown shopping district. The Place which is located about 500 meters north of the Silk Market Building or Guiyou Mansion lets you view high-technique lightings and lets you do luxury shopping. Before heading home, you can visit Ghost Food Street and enjoy a night of numerous food streets and eateries. Many tourists go there and most of the restaurants are decorated in red.

You can visit these places in daytime for safety. However, you can have a different perspective once you see what the city has to offer at night. You should be extra cautious and don’t wander the city streets alone.

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